Wednesday, October 31, 2018

WTF Happened to The Flying Kayak?

Well, that's a good question I suppose. Extremely long story short?

I wrote a book!

Of course there is much MUCH more to it that just that. But as far as why I haven't hardly written anything on this blog, that about sums it up. I hate to admit it but I've never been much of a multi-tasker. Sort of a one track mind kinda guy and though I've had a TON to write about, I felt extremely unproductive if I attempted to write a blog post while knowing I had an unfinished book that I should've been working on.

As far as anything else that hindered be from writing on here...well...Life. I know that excuse gets thrown around a ton, but hey, it's a real excuse used by pretty much everyone eventually. I got super busy with life itself. What free time I did have, I spent it hunting or fishing rather than -writing- about hunting or fishing. And at the end of the day, if you're reading this, I know you'd make that same choice as well.

Work, moves, changing jobs, big moves, etc. All of it obviously got in the way of me writing. Couple that in with my attempt to switch the entire site over to WordPress so that I could get rid of the blogspot caption in the URL and I just got frustrated with the whole thing. I liked that I could get my website to look exactly like I wanted it, but Christ almighty I know nothing about search engine optimization. When I took the site down from blogger I dropped from thousands of page views per month to about 3 page views per month. Many months went without anything at all. And in my mind, I figured if no one's reading it anyways, I might as well start pounding out a book.

If you notice now, you'll see that I've salvaged everything and switched it back to blogger. Templates are still a nightmare and I hate dealing with HTML code, but it is what it is. Most of my pictures from previous posts got lost during the transition so if you scroll through archived posts, there probably won't be any pictures. I still have them somewhere on my computer, but it'll take a long rainy day for me to find them all and add them appropriately through the pages. Font colors and themes are still wonky, and I realize they can be hard to read at times, so please expect some changes over the coming weeks while I gouge my eyeballs from their sockets work calmly on HTML code.

I do, in fact, have a bunch to write about so I'm extremely excited to get back after it.

As for the book. Well its about my kayaking trips through the Everglades Wilderness Waterway. It isn't a guide by any means, so please don't expect that. It's simply a story. One that you'd expect to hear around a campfire or over a beer. It's been published through Amazon and is available both in Paperback as well as EBook format. It can be found here:

Any reviews or sharing are greatly appreciated!

Expect some new stories very soon, my apologies for the extremely long hiatus, and thanks for stopping in!

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